Tech Tackles Cancer is Back with Live Band Karaoke

5 years ago, Chris Lynch, through Hack Reduce, teamed up with St. Baldrick’s to hold the first ever Tech Tackles Cancer event. At the event, tech companies in the Boston area came together, raised money as individuals and teams for pediatric cancer, and got their heads shaved as a showing of solidarity with those children and families who were facing a struggle greater than we could ever imagine. Over the next 4 years, the event grew to the point where we have now raised over $1million in support of St. Baldrick’s. However, after the last event in 2016, we felt that we had outgrown the format, and we needed to make a change in order to continue our growth.

Last year, we took some time off to consider how we could make the event bigger and better than ever before. After much deliberation, Tom Barry, Cort Johnson, and Chris came to the conclusion that the head shaving had been staggering our potential growth. For one, cancer fundraisers where doing it, and while we could certainly improve on the concept, they decided it would be best for us to pivot and do something unique. The greater issue with the format comes from the lack of inclusivity. While we never stopped anyone from participating, many people did not want to participate if it meant getting their head shaved. This is why we are moving on to a more inclusive format with the very first Live Band Karaoke Showdown. We will follow a similar fundraising strategy with each company forming their own team to see who can raise the most money, however, instead of everybody going up to get their heads shaved, one executive per company will be nominated to perform one of the listed songs with the live band, and if they can raise enough money, they can appoint a willing participant to perform in their place.

With this new format, we will no longer be working through St. Baldrick’s, but we love them, and they do great work. We still want to be able to support them, but also share the funds with other pediatric cancer charities that we feel are making big differences and are on the cutting edge of pediatric cancer research, technology, and programs. With this in mind, we evaluated other charities and what they are doing. After months of research, we have decided to split 100% of the proceeds raised amongst three charities: St. Baldrick’s, One Mission and Boston Children’s Hospital, all of which have incredibly important initiatives in the fight against childhood cancer.
— Chris Lynch

To learn more about exactly where your donations are going and what they will be used for, check out

The last thing I would like to talk about is our new platform. As a result of us moving on from St. Baldrick’s, and because we want to be able to continue running Tech Tackles Cancer events across the country in the future, we have created our own platform to take in donations through Tech Tackles Cancer’s non-profit parent, Hack Reduce. This will allow us to spread our funds across the three charities, and include more in the future, as well as let us be independently controlled by our Tech Tackles Cancer team.

While previous Tech Tackles Cancer events were exclusive to Boston companies, we would like to encourage anyone who would like to participate to do so.

The event details are as follows:

When: Tuesday, November 6th @ 6pm

Where: The Lansdowne Pub

9 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215 

If you would like to learn more about Tech Tackles Cancer, our benefactors, and the event, visit or email us at