Tech Tackles Cancer
Tech Tackles Cancer
Tech communities across the U.S. raising money to fight cancer.
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About Tech Tackles Cancer

Tech Tackles Cancer is a program of the non-profit, 501C-3 Hack/Reduce. Our mission is to leverage the power of the technology industry to raise awareness and funds for local cancer fundraising needs. 

All proceeds go to beneficiaries who are supporting the needs of cancer research, family/patient life services and the link between technology and cancer. 

Our Team

Tech Tackles Cancer wouldn't be possible without the hard work and leadership of our 100% volunteer run team. 

Directors and Advisors

Chris P. Lynch, Executive Chairman

Cort Johnson, Executive Director

Matt Burke, Advisor

Ben Hux, Advisor

Bob Brennan, Advisor

Sapna Saxena, Advisor

Joe Martiniello, Advisor

Ben Israelite, Advisor

TTC Karaoke Showdown Task Force

Tom Barry, Event Chair

Matt Lynch, Co-Chair

Gene O’Neill, Outreach & Engagement

Andrew Brennan (LucyBot), Outreach & Engagement

Matt Miller (CA Veracode), Outreach & Engagement

Richard Boisvert, Outreach & Engagement